Another Chapter

It has been far too long since I posted something. I have been turning the page to a new chapter of my life. For many of my recent co-workers, the relocation of our company to a larger, corporate facility has been painful and tumultuous. But for me, it is a blessing of sorts. Circumstances beyond my control provide an opportunity for me to withdraw from a eight-to-five corporate existence and try my hand at something home grown. Something more organic, farther reaching and closer to the heart and soul of me.

I pledge here in a most public place, to fully utilize this opportunity. Stay tuned.


About lintcoop

I am a writer. Words and melodies best express my love of life and beauty, family and humankind, the earth and the spirit.
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2 Responses to Another Chapter

  1. Lise Terry says:

    I too have been called ninja… they say in Russia….Great Luckski!

  2. Phyllis Ring says:

    I’m right here keeping your pledge company and sending it love and power.

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