I can’t look away from the television. It seems no matter what crap is being displayed; infomercials about work out equipment and the latest diabetes drugs, sappy predictable Hallmark movies or hunting shows highlighted with camouflaged country stars whispering their excitement. If there is movement on the screen, I am watching.

My husband turns on the television in the morning. At one time, it was to hear the news but we no longer get any news channels so that excuse is no longer valid. But still he turns it on. But then makes coffee, and putters in the kitchen. Shockingly, he can walk right out of the room and move on to some other task without batting an eye. I, on the other hand, lock on the screen upon entering the room. I sometimes manage to pour the coffee without spilling, since my eyes are still watching whatever garbage is being shown. I generally can find a spot on the couch without losing eye contact.

Television strives to smolder and put out any core of originality that I posses. Leaving nothing but a bleary eyed, zombie-like woman, clawing her way off the couch and up to bed. Where the television is glowing like a giant night light.

I vow to turn them all off right now.


About lintcoop

I am a writer. Words and melodies best express my love of life and beauty, family and humankind, the earth and the spirit.
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