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I am a writer. Words and melodies best express my love of life and beauty, family and humankind, the earth and the spirit.


I fear I’m growing my uncles’ eyebrows. My dad had wonderful thick hair. When it grew shaggy waiting for a haircut, it swooped across his glasses as he swayed over the piano. My three uncles sport increasingly unmanageable eyebrows. Long … Continue reading

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We leave a trail behind us as we go along. Some trails are fairly straight, point A to point B. Others meander, go in circles or take sharp turns. The crumbs left behind may be perceived as stale bread by … Continue reading

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Think It, Live It

A group of 30 or so high school kids came across my path today. Inside my fifty year old body is a girl about that age. She is shy and insecure, but has learned to compensate with self-deprecating jokes and … Continue reading

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High Flying

Naturally, since I now work in the aircraft / flying business, it was a job requirement to go for a ride. With barely restrained trepidation, I climb into the small 1946 Piper PA12 Super Cruiser, strap myself in and clutch … Continue reading

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It is an amazing feeling when something happens that is completely unexpected, yet undeniably right. I have been job hunting. Out of work for nearly a year, I took some time to relax and enjoy my home and my husband. … Continue reading

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Valentine Love

I didn’t choose my family. I am bound with them through genes and shared experiences. Some people don’t share for long. Others share for a lifetime. Common life experiences read as separate and distinct stories over time. Some siblings are … Continue reading

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We knew it would be like this…..

Last summer, we nearly drowned in a sea of summer squash and zucchini. We ate it steamed and baked in lasagna. We shredded it into breads and muffins. We cubed it into stews and casseroles. We froze it in every … Continue reading

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The beauty of burl…..

You see them out in the woods. Weird looking growths hanging off otherwise perfectly good looking trees. At a quick glance, they might be a bird’s nest or a cluster of leaves. But hidden inside can be a treasure of … Continue reading

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I can’t look away from the television. It seems no matter what crap is being displayed; infomercials about work out equipment and the latest diabetes drugs, sappy predictable Hallmark movies or hunting shows highlighted with camouflaged country stars whispering their excitement. If … Continue reading

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You Got To Be Kidding Me

I have returned to the hospitality industry after a 25 year hiatus. I tend bar and serve at a local smokehouse and tavern. It’s a small place, seating about 50 people indoors, with a deck to accommodate more in good weather. … Continue reading

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