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I am a writer. Words and melodies best express my love of life and beauty, family and humankind, the earth and the spirit.

Another Chapter

It has been far too long since I posted something. I have been turning the page to a new chapter of my life. For many of my recent co-workers, the relocation of our company to a larger, corporate facility has … Continue reading

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In the midst of packing up our house in Ohio, I took a bicycle out of the garage and headed to the candy store in town. My mom let me ride to town by myself as long as I let … Continue reading

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My pony, Topper, was the equivalent of a extra short, dark hair and skinned, broad shouldered Italian man, who liked his coffee strong and black and switched to blood red wine in the evening. He swore like a sailor and … Continue reading

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I had an unusual upbringing. Amidst the daily chores of farm life, we sang madrigals. Watering the goats and horses was a much despised task. The buckets alone weighed as much as one of my legs if severed above the … Continue reading

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Unwanted Guests

Unwanted Guests Izzy could be the most beautiful cat in the world. She is small and lean, with stripes and dots all shades of brown and gray and snowy white. She smiles lovingly and is likely to jump up on … Continue reading

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Swim Test

The day I took my swimming test, it was cool and overcast. I had followed directions and wore the clothes I would have worn if we were going out on the water. Rather than toss me from a boat, I … Continue reading

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A Terry Window

My dad was a carpenter with a designer’s eye. Or a designer with woodworking skills. Either way he made his mark on many a house during his long life. In some cases, that mark was the slight curved indentations of … Continue reading

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Trinity Bay – lyrics

The air is warm upon his skin as the balmy breezes blow He’s often thinking of his kin, t’will soon be time to go. His eyes see down a list of wares, stored in the holds below.Sugar cane and jugs … Continue reading

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Fine Art

I tiptoe down polished pine stairs that end in the corner of an expansive room. Bright fog light floods the narrow stripes of spruce flooring and grayish green wainscoting. Bookshelves hug the windows of a reading alcove and punctuate the … Continue reading

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Middle Ages – lyrics

I know what they way about these middle ages Just another one of life’s many stages Dreams and desires from your childhood smoulder But hang on tight and it will blow right over Ahha…..ahhh………. Ahha…..ahhh………. Inside your head you hear … Continue reading

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