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We leave a trail behind us as we go along. Some trails are fairly straight, point A to point B. Others meander, go in circles or take sharp turns. The crumbs left behind may be perceived as stale bread by … Continue reading

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Think It, Live It

A group of 30 or so high school kids came across my path today. Inside my fifty year old body is a girl about that age. She is shy and insecure, but has learned to compensate with self-deprecating jokes and … Continue reading

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Valentine Love

I didn’t choose my family. I am bound with them through genes and shared experiences. Some people don’t share for long. Others share for a lifetime. Common life experiences read as separate and distinct stories over time. Some siblings are … Continue reading

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We knew it would be like this…..

Last summer, we nearly drowned in a sea of summer squash and zucchini. We ate it steamed and baked in lasagna. We shredded it into breads and muffins. We cubed it into stews and casseroles. We froze it in every … Continue reading

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