It is an amazing feeling when something happens that is completely unexpected, yet undeniably right.

I have been job hunting. Out of work for nearly a year, I took some time to relax and enjoy my home and my husband. Being creative and day dreaming. After 20ish years working full time with a maximum of a couple weeks off in a row, the past 10 months have been restorative, surprising and at times frustrating.

I have slept a great deal. Always thinking myself a morning person, I found I want to sleep more than I ever knew. I haven’t set an alarm clock in months. Sometimes I get up at 6:30, sometimes at 8:30 but either way, it is lovely. Getting enough sleep is underrated.

I have slowed down. No longer racing from task to task, from place to place, struggling to keep up with…. well with what? With others? Keeping up with a reputation of being always available,  “online”? There are days that I go out and forget my cell phone. I think for a fraction of a second, “oh no! no one can reach me…” then I remind myself that I’m going to the grocery store and then to visit my mother and there will most probably be no emergencies. I log onto my computer and check my email to find that there are 38 messages. “Oh no!” I think. “I’ve made someone wait…” Turns out it was only and a couple online magazines that were waiting.

Surprising how quickly time passes, even when slowed down. Frustrated that I didn’t accomplish more as each day passes. If you have a lot of time on your hands, procrastination is a formidable foe. Why rush? We’re slowed down remember? Well life is a balancing act and I have become out of whack. Until now.

Tomorrow I go back to work. I was anticipating being asked to join one organization for which I had interviewed when I heard of another opportunity. Within a few days, mutual friends put me in touch with a woman who is my new boss. Our conversation was effortless. I felt immediately comfortable even though I have zero experience with the industry I am entering. Everything about it feels right. Synchronicity at its best.



About lintcoop

I am a writer. Words and melodies best express my love of life and beauty, family and humankind, the earth and the spirit.
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1 Response to Synchronicity

  1. Phyllis Ring says:

    How I appreciate your reflections about slowing. Rushing is for fleeing life-threatening situations, no?. One 87-year-old Mainer told me “Oh, don’t rush,” as I was doing so yet again, needlessly. This urging has had great effect. His life demonstrates that he, at this point, really has some idea of how to go about this living thing effectively.

    Blessings surround you on your next step. which has arrived right at your door, no less. 😉

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